Having a child is a blessing and having a healthy child is heavenly. It is the responsibility of the parents to stay aware of their child’s health and choose the best child specialist in Noida for him/her. Choosing the best and trustworthy child specialist to rely upon can look like a daunting task at first. However, it becomes quite easy to choose the right doctor for your kid if you know what qualities to look for in the pediatrician. In this blog article, we are going to spread light on a few qualities you must look for in a child specialist in Noida. So that it becomes easy for you to choose the right pediatrician for your bundle of joy!


  1. A Qualified Professional – Beware of the quacks! Make sure that the child specialist is a qualified professional and is a genuine and known individual in the locality. 
  2. Experience in the field of neonatology or child care – As experience is very important in diagnosing the issue with a child at the earliest stages. Your child specialist must have experience of more than 20 years at the very least. You must not rely on the freshers for your baby’s care. 
  3. A proper child care setup – A simple yet functional child care setup is way better than a multispeciality hospital. As the child care clinic focuses on just the child care needs thereby having a dedicated and trained staff in child care like Ayushman clinic. 
  4. Child Vaccination Centre – As vaccinations are the most important part of the child immunization schedule. The best child specialist has all the child vaccination available all the time so that the patients don’t have to go anywhere else for child vaccination. 


Why You should choose Ayushman Medicare and Dr. Nalin Agarwal, the best child specialist in Noida for your child care needs – 


  1. Dr. Nalin Agarwal is a qualified pediatrician from King George Medical College and has exposure to practice from many prestigious hospitals in Delhi.
  2. Dr. Nalin has an experience of more than 30 years in the field of pediatrics and child care. 
  3. He runs a dedicated child care clinic at Sector 26, Noida by the name of Ayushman Medicare Clinic. All the staff is well trained to handle neonates, babies, infants, and children in general. All the diagnostic tests are available in the clinic as well.
  4. Ayushman Medicare is a dedicated vaccination center for children in Noida as we have all the vaccines available at all times.
  5. Dr. Nalin deals with all the aspects of child care needs such as well-baby care, nutrition guidelines, delayed milestones, vaccination, behavioral therapy, allergic diseases, infectious diseases of childhood, etc. 


If you are looking for the best child specialist in Noida, then call us at +91-8588880662 to book an appointment with Dr. Nalin Agarwal. You can also get directions for the best pediatrician Noida (Dr Nalin Agarwal – Best Pediatrician and Child Specialist Noida 30+ Years Experience)

Dr. Nalin, best pediatrician in Noida is available at Ayushman Medicare, D 83, Sector 26, behind Nithari, Police Chowki, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301. Visit us or Call now!