This pandemic is a difficult time for all of us. It is even harder for children as they are not mature enough to understand what is going on and why they can’t go outside or to their schools to lead a normal life. The parents often find themselves in a fix about what should be done to safeguard them from anxiety, boredom, and panic. Here, the best pediatrician in Noida, Dr Nalin Agarwal is sharing 11 things that you should do to keep your children safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. 


  1. Tell them the Mask rules Properly – Make sure your child knows the importance of wearing a mask. S/he should know that it must cover the nose and chin properly. Teach your kid not to share the mask with anyone and not to touch the outer side of the mask. These small things go a long way in keeping your kid safe from COVID. 
  2. Importance of Washing hands – Teach your kid how to wash the hands properly with soap and water. Tell them how to clean the fingers and the gaps between them. Tell them that 40 seconds is required to clean the hands properly. Make sure the tap is off while the scrubbing is going on. 
  3. Talk to them – It’s frightening for them and a simple cough can create panic in your child. To prevent this, talk about the symptoms of covid with your children and tell them that they should inform you as soon as the symptoms arise. And it can be treated and taken care of. 
  4. Boost their Immunity – It is advised to give the kids the right amount of nutrition, dairy products, nuts, and cereals to boost their immunity. You can give the multivitamins and the dosage of vitamin C in the form of healthy drinks like lemonade and other immunity booster drinks. If your child has a history of catching a cold and flu often then get your child’s diet monitored by Dr. Nalin along with the right immunity boosters s/he should take.  Exercising is also a great way to boost immunity. 
  5. Be a Calm Parent – Anxiety is normal for parents as well, just don’t show it to your kids and try not to yell as well. Kids learn many things by watching so try to maintain a calm environment at home and teach them not to panic as well. 
  6. Social Distancing – Teach the kids the importance of social distancing at a public place. Make them understand the importance of social distancing floor stickers and how to use them.
  7. Don’t touch the face – If your children are in the habit of touching their face then this is time to break this habit. Teach them the importance of not touching their face so that the virus doesn’t reach their nose or mouth easily. Make sure that they understand the importance but are not under panic about that. 
  8. Set their routine – Children function well with a set routine. Set their time for breakfast, online classes, snacks, and games as well. This will help them stay busy with their chores and will also make it easy for you to look after them. 
  9. Keep an eye over what your child is watching on screen – In this era of online classes, keep an eye on what your kid is doing on the tab/phone or computer. Make sure they don’t fall prey to the fake news about covid as it can inculcate fear and paranoia in kids.  
  10. Tell them the importance of staying at home – Answering their questions is important so that they don’t feel left out or seek other unreliable sources for information. Let them talk to their loved ones on video calls and talk to their friends so that they can gel well with the new normal.  
  11. Family Time – Spending a set family time that is free from any gadgets is important for a child’s mental health and development. The family can play board games, talk, laugh, and in general spend some time together. The children who grow in well-connected families have stronger mental health than others. 

If you are noticing a change in your child’s behavior that you are unable to correct or understand, then you can call us at 8588880662 as Dr. Nalin constantly takes child/adolescent behavioral issue counseling at his child care clinic in Noida.