Child Behavioral Counselling in Noida

Conduct disorder and behavioral problems are common in toddlers and adolescents. Today’s parents are facing such behavioral issues in the form of tantrums and disobedience. Most of these tantrums are treated with the constant correcting measures by the parents. If this behavior is not treated well in time, then the behavioral counselling comes into play. Some more severe behavioral disorders can be ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or autism etc. If your child is facing such problems then you can call the best pediatric doctor in noida, Dr Nalin Agarwal at 08588880662. 

Hospitalization Required – Not in most cases

Same Day Appointment Available – Yes 

Emergency Treatment – Available  

About Dr Nalin Agarwal - Best Pediatrician in Noida 

Treating infants, children, and adolescents takes a lot of patience, skill, and experience on a doctor’s part. Dr. Nalin Agarwal’s 30 years of experience in the field of pediatrics has made him a natural with children and adolescents alike. After graduating from the prestigious King George Medical College, Lucknow, Dr. Nalin worked at Holy Family hospital and St. Stephen’s hospital in Delhi. The exposure of such hospitals has given him great experience in the field of neonatology and pediatrics, which has helped him become the best child specialist in Noida, India today.

Apart from immunizations/vaccines and medications, Dr. Nalin believes in boosting the overall health of his patients with the right lifestyle and nutrition guidelines. He believes in training the new parents about the challenges of parenthood beforehand to help them make wise choices in the future for their child’s health and wellness. His hands-on training for new parents about feeding, burping, and weaning neonates is just a part of that commitment.

Dr. Nalin specializes in nutritional disorders, respiratory diseases, and febrile illnesses in children and adolescents. He normally deals with patients below 18 years, right from a new-born to an adolescent. With the best-trained staff at Aayushman Medicare Clinic and excellent diagnostic services, Dr. Nalin is running a full-fledged pediatric clinic in Noida for his patients.

Symptoms of Child who needs Behavioral Correction 


  • Physical fights with other children.
  • Undisciplined behavior
  • Stubbornness
  • Frequent lying
  • Stealing
  • Child is depressed all the time
  • Child remains fearful and aloof
  • Disobedient child
  • Aggressive behavior


Reasons Behind Behavioral Issues in Children


  • Parental Divorce / Disharmony
  • Bullying in School 
  • Body shaming the child
  • New sibling 
  • Change in school and city 
  • Reading, writing and learning disabilities such as dyslexia
  • Bad friends group
  • Substance abuse 


Child Behavioral Therapy Treatment in Noida


Also known as cognitive behavioral therapy. It helps in minimizing the anxiety. The child is told how to respond positively to the situation. Rewarding the good behaviour and discouraging the bad behaviour is also a part of behavioral therapy. Some such behavioural therapy tricks are suggested to the parents so that they can apply it in their daily routine. In behavioural therapy, the child is allowed to explain his thoughts and his/her side of the story must be listened to. Then the suggestions to self-analyze the situation is given to the child in order to make him/her realize the misconduct. 


Benefits of Behavioral Therapy Treatment for Kids


  • Child gets a chance to analyse his/her behaviour
  • Child identifies the triggers to anxiety and anger
  • S/he learns to cope with the difficult situations at school, in public or at home
  • Child’s reaction to the situations improves dramatically 


If you are facing behavioural issues with your toddler or teenager, then you can book an appointment with Dr Nalin Agarwal for the best child behavioural counselling in noida. Call us at 08588880662

Question 1. When should I consult a doctor for my child’s behavior?


Answer. Some temper tantrums are common in every child. If these behavioral issues tend to increase with time and age rather than decreasing, then you should seek the help of a pediatric doctor who provides behavioral therapy. 


Question 2. What are some alarming signs of an unusual conduct?


Answer. Self harm, frequent physical fights, eating disorders, genetic mental illness are some alarming signs. If you see any of them, then you must seek help.


Question 3. How should I cope-up with my child’s arrogant behavior?


Answer. Just stay calm and try to handle the situation with intelligence. Take stand on the wrong behavior always but try not to get frustrated. Seeking help from a behavioural therapist is a good idea if the situation is overwhelming for you and your partner. You can book an appointment with Dr Nalin Agarwal here


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