Chronic and Recurrent Child Cough Treatment in Noida

Cough is very common in children and it becomes chronic cough when it lasts more than four weeks. Recurrent cough can occur if complete treatment for chronic cough is not taken to resolve the disease completely. Dr Nalin Agarwal the best pediatric doctor in noida for chronic cough and other pneumological conditions.

Hospitalization Required – Not in most cases

Same Day Appointment Available – Yes 

Emergency Treatment – Available  

About Dr Nalin Agarwal - Best Pediatrician in Noida 

Treating infants, children, and adolescents takes a lot of patience, skill, and experience on a doctor’s part. Dr. Nalin Agarwal’s 30 years of experience in the field of pediatrics has made him a natural with children and adolescents alike. After graduating from the prestigious King George Medical College, Lucknow, Dr. Nalin worked at Holy Family hospital and St. Stephen’s hospital in Delhi. The exposure of such hospitals has given him great experience in the field of neonatology and pediatrics, which has helped him become the best child specialist in Noida, India today.

Apart from immunizations/vaccines and medications, Dr. Nalin believes in boosting the overall health of his patients with the right lifestyle and nutrition guidelines. He believes in training the new parents about the challenges of parenthood beforehand to help them make wise choices in the future for their child’s health and wellness. His hands-on training for new parents about feeding, burping, and weaning neonates is just a part of that commitment.

Dr. Nalin specializes in nutritional disorders, respiratory diseases, and febrile illnesses in children and adolescents. He normally deals with patients below 18 years, right from a new-born to an adolescent. With the best-trained staff at Aayushman Medicare Clinic and excellent diagnostic services, Dr. Nalin is running a full-fledged pediatric clinic in Noida for his patients.

Here is some quick information from the point of view of a pediatric pneumologist about chronic cough causes, symptoms and treatment process.  


Reason Behind Chronic Cough in Children 


  • Asthma (may be by birth or just seasonal)
  • Allergy to dust, cold weather, pollen, chemical and strong smells etc
  • Post nasal drip (excess mucus produced by the nose drips into the throat. This creates infections and cough)
  • Bronchial airway infection 
  • Presence of a smoker in the family

Symptoms of chronic cough in children


  • Cough lasting for more than 4 weeks 
  • Recurrent cough episodes in every 15 or 30 days
  • Sore throat
  • Breathing difficulty 
  • Wheezing or sound of breathing
  • Snoring due to blocked airway
  • Fatigue and chest pain due to excessive cough


How the Diagnosis of chronic cough is made


Most of the times no tests are required. However if the symptoms demand, then some tests like chest x-ray, spirometry and a few blood tests can be performed to check the bacteria type and fight the infection effectively. 


Treatment of Chronic and recurrent cough by the best pediatric doctor in Noida ( Dr Nalin Aggarwal) 


  • Antibiotics (these medicines help to fight the infection thereby treating it in just 3 to 5 days)
  • Cough suppressant syrups (to relax the airways and provide better breathing conditions)
  • Lozenges (children love to suck these lozenges due to their delicious flavours which curb the cough)
  • Removal of allergens (changing the lifestyle of the kid and avoiding exposure to known allergens such as dust, pollens, extreme cold etc. This prevents the recurrent bouts of cough in children)
  • Avoidance of smoking in the presence of children by the caregivers. (it is our duty to be a little more responsible towards our children. We should protect them from passive smoke in the environment.)


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Question 1. When should I see the doctor for my kid’s cough treatment?


Answer. A cough episode that lasts more than 4 weeks becomes chronic. So you should book an appointment if the cough doesn’t resolve for about a week.

Question 2. My child’s cough keeps returning after every 15 days or a month. What should I do?


Answer. It is recurrent cough that means the underlying cause must be treated to get complete cure. 


Question 3. Is it okay to give antibiotics or cough syrups to my kid without consultation?


Answer. No, it is not. Giving your child medications without a doctor’s prescription can create antibiotic resistance in him/her. You must not do self-medication to your kid.

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