Hyperactive Child Treatment in Noida

Every child is active as they have so much energy to invest. Children stop the activity after they are told to do so or when they are tired. Some children are unable to rest or remain calm even after telling them so. This kind of behavior is known as hyperactivity in children. It can be normal or it can be a full fledged attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. To get your child accessed, you can book an appointment with the best pediatric doctor in Noida, Dr Nalin Agarwal by calling us at 8588880662

Hospitalization Required – Not in most cases

Same Day Appointment Available – Yes 

Emergency Treatment – Available  

About Dr Nalin Agarwal - Best Pediatrician in Noida 

Treating infants, children, and adolescents takes a lot of patience, skill, and experience on a doctor’s part. Dr. Nalin Agarwal’s 30 years of experience in the field of pediatrics has made him a natural with children and adolescents alike. After graduating from the prestigious King George Medical College, Lucknow, Dr. Nalin worked at Holy Family hospital and St. Stephen’s hospital in Delhi. The exposure of such hospitals has given him great experience in the field of neonatology and pediatrics, which has helped him become the best child specialist in Noida, India today.

Apart from immunizations/vaccines and medications, Dr. Nalin believes in boosting the overall health of his patients with the right lifestyle and nutrition guidelines. He believes in training the new parents about the challenges of parenthood beforehand to help them make wise choices in the future for their child’s health and wellness. His hands-on training for new parents about feeding, burping, and weaning neonates is just a part of that commitment.

Dr. Nalin specializes in nutritional disorders, respiratory diseases, and febrile illnesses in children and adolescents. He normally deals with patients below 18 years, right from a new-born to an adolescent. With the best-trained staff at Aayushman Medicare Clinic and excellent diagnostic services, Dr. Nalin is running a full-fledged pediatric clinic in Noida for his patients.

Symptoms of Hyperactivity 


  • Child is unable to stop the activity or calm down when told so
  • Rough playing, breaking things frequently.
  • Getting over excited while playing that they tend to hurt someone or themselves
  • Constant Talking
  • The child keeps on interrupting others in order to grab attention
  • Keeps moving even while sitting down


Reasons Behind Hyperactivity


Some of the most common causes of hyperactivity in children are as follows – 


  • ADHD (Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Adolescents going through puberty related changes
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Mental trauma




The symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) include inability to concentrate, hyperactivity and low self esteem etc.They can be mild, moderate or severe in extent. Inattention, inability to do house chores, hands or feet or fingers remain in constant motion. It can’t be treated fully but the symptoms can be managed with the help of medication and counselling.

Question 1. How can I keep my hyperactive child engaged in a positive manner?


Answer. Give him/her something creative that will channelize his energy in a constructive way. 

It can range from crosswords or puzzles to house chores and sports etc.


Question 2. How can I prevent my child from ADHD?


Answer. You must not smoke, drink or use other recreational drugs during pregnancy. Protect your kids from harmful pollutants in the environment such as lead, smoke etc. 


Question 3. How can I distinguish between a normal hyperactive child and ADHD?


Answer. You need to take Dr Nalin Agarwal’s expert advice for that.


Question 4. Can exercise help in decreasing the hyperactivity?


Answer. Exercising can definitely help in decreasing the hyperactivity by consuming the excess energy in physical activity. 


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