Baby Nutrition Guidelines

Parenting is not easy and the specific nutrition needs of the growing children are more challenging. To make sure that your child is getting adequate nutrition, professional guidance is required. To end the confusion about what should be given to the baby and what should not, you need advice on which you can trust. Our baby nutrition guidelines are exactly made for that. You can book an appointment with Dr Nalin Agarwal by calling us at +91-8588880662. 

Hospitalization Required – Not in most cases

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About Dr Nalin Agarwal - Best Pediatrician in Noida 

Treating infants, children, and adolescents takes a lot of patience, skill, and experience on a doctor’s part. Dr. Nalin Agarwal’s 30 years of experience in the field of pediatrics has made him a natural with children and adolescents alike. After graduating from the prestigious King George Medical College, Lucknow, Dr. Nalin worked at Holy Family hospital and St. Stephen’s hospital in Delhi. The exposure of such hospitals has given him great experience in the field of neonatology and pediatrics, which has helped him become the best child specialist in Noida, India today.

Apart from immunizations/vaccines and medications, Dr. Nalin believes in boosting the overall health of his patients with the right lifestyle and nutrition guidelines. He believes in training the new parents about the challenges of parenthood beforehand to help them make wise choices in the future for their child’s health and wellness. His hands-on training for new parents about feeding, burping, and weaning neonates is just a part of that commitment.

Dr. Nalin specializes in nutritional disorders, respiratory diseases, and febrile illnesses in children and adolescents. He normally deals with patients below 18 years, right from a new-born to an adolescent. With the best-trained staff at Aayushman Medicare Clinic and excellent diagnostic services, Dr. Nalin is running a full-fledged pediatric clinic in Noida for his patients.

Dr. Nalin Agarwal has been guiding the parents about the child’s nutrition at various ages for more than three decades. To get professional and experienced advice about your child’s dietary needs, book an appointment with Dr. Nalin, the best child doctor in noida  by calling us at +8588880662


Benefits of the Right Nutrition 


The perfect diet plays a vital role in building the child’s immunity and general well being. Other benefits of giving the right nutrition to your kid are – 


  • Defines eating habits at later stages of life
  • Eating the right amount of portions and protein helps in making the child well-nourished 
  • Prevent and treat obesity
  • Makes the child grow properly as per his/her age


What do the Right Nutrition Guidelines include?


The nutrition guidelines provided at the Ayushman Clinic include answering all the queries that a parent may be having. Some of the commonly solved queries about child nutrition are – 


  • The right amount of food to give your child as per the age and growth
  • How many times should the meal be served?
  • Which variety of vegetables and proteins must be included in the diet?
  • What should be given in the form of snacks to cultivate good eating habits?
  • How much junk food should be allowed and where you must say ‘No?’
  • How to distribute Dairy Products in the diet during the whole day? 
  • What is the right schedule for breastfeeding and how to cope with the related problems?
  • When to start formula milk, which one to prefer? 
  • How to introduce new foods to the baby? Always introduce a new food item in mid-afternoon and give in small amounts. Introduce one new fruit piece every day in order to find out the liking of the baby. It also adds variety to the daily food supplements. 
  • About the deserts – start with just one or two spoons in the beginning. 
  • Vegetable introduction – the vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, etc are the safest to introduce. Stay away from the turnips, beetroots during the first year. 


To get all your queries answered in detail, book an appointment with Dr Nalin Agarwal at 8588880662 

Question 1. When should I introduce eggs to my baby’s diet?


Answer. You should wait till s/he is one year old as the white part of the egg is known to be allergenic for the babies below 10 months. 


Question 2. Till when can I store breast-milk in a bottle?


Answer. You can deep freeze it for up-to 3 days. Just remember to use the thaw it with lukewarm water. You should not microwave it or heat it directly. 


Question 3. When should I start giving cow’s milk to my baby?


Answer. It should start after 12 months of age. Increase the milk quantity gradually as you need to observe how your baby’s digestive system is responding to it. 


Question 4. What kind of food should be avoided in children below 3 years of age?


Answer. Some hard nuts, heavy desserts, chocolates, fried food and carbonated drinks should be avoided in children less than 3 years.



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